Why choose us?

You won't be left on your own, hoping that visitors will stumble in

Any Web Design company will build your web presence, but then how do you make sure that a steady stream of interested visitors will get the opportunity to see it?

TargetedWeb will build your site, ensuring that it is optimised to get the best possible rankings in all of the most popular search engines.

What really sets TargetedWeb apart however, is that you will also receive a highly tailored account with a complimentary £50 credit on each of the major Ad Networks, including Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. Utilising the decades of experience of our marketing team, relevant adverts and keywords will be generated. You are guaranteed to be receiving relevant, highly targeted visitors from day 1!

Why stop with the Search Engines?

Traditional Web Design companies often find it hard to see past Search Engines as a means of attracting visitors to websites. This is a huge mistake! There are many other means that can be employed, some are specific to different business types.

Without giving too much away (what we have has taken a lot of time and effort!), we have methods of getting directly to your target market using our massive databases of businesses, public sector and private individuals. We will generate targeted email campaigns, manually submit your site to the main online directories, link exchange with appropriate sites and many others, even so far as picking up the phone!

If you're a taxi company in Bolton, why would you advertise to people in Mozambique?

A big mistake made by most Web Design companies, is not taking into account the local nature of many businesses. Using tried and tested techniques, TargetedWeb will ensure that your message is targeted to the right locale in both organic search results and with the major Ad Networks.

You won't see your site design in use anywhere else

You'll find many reasonably priced Web Design companies with a quick search on Google, but the problem with the vast majority of these companies is that they construct their clients sites using templates. This gives them a quick and easy way to construct a site, but it alsomeans that all of their sites look very similar.

At TargetedWeb, we understand that every customer is different, every site has a particular purpose and each industry has different requirements. That's why Targeted web never use templates. Each site is build from the ground up which means that it's entirely appropriate for purpose and it'll never be confused with anyone elses.


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Every visitor to your site has value. Making sure those visitors are as relevant as possible increases that value. If that visitor leaves the site without making contact or registering their detais, that value is lost and the cost of promoting your site to that visitor has gone down the drain.

TargetedWeb collect detailed statistics about all of the visitors you get to your site and make an effort to encourage users to leave their details. This way you can keep in touch with them by email reminding and notifying of new products and services returning them to your site at zero cost.